Superior Court of Guam - Judges


Honorable Arthur R. Barcinas
Judge Arthur R. Barcinas

Judge Arthur R. Barcinas has served as a judge of the Superior Court of Guam since 2005. He maintained a private practice for 14 years prior to his judicial service, and he served as the Hearings Officer for Small Claims Court, as Traffic Court Judge Pro Tempore, and as an Administrative Hearings Officer prior to becoming a judge. He also served as legal counsel to Governor Felix P. Camacho and as Chairman of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission Board of Directors.

Judge Barcinas currently presides over General Jurisdiction cases and Family Violence Court. He is a member of the Judicial Council, and he co-chairs the Judiciary’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan Focus Area on Facilities and Security, the Juvenile Justice Reform Focus Area on Juvenile Defense and Prosecution Standards, and the subcommittee on Rules Governing the Admission to the Practice of Law and the Rules for the Discipline of Attorneys. Additionally, he is a member of the subcommittees on Pro Se Litigation, Criminal Jury Instructions, Rules of Civil Procedure & Rules of Court Revision, and E-Filing Rules.

Judge Barcinas received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1986 and a J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law in 1989.