Welcome to the Guam Sex Offender Registry Web Site

The Sex Offender Registry is a site for keeping track of convicted sex offenders and classifying each offender so that the public may receive information about dangerous sex offenders who live or work in each community. The goal of the Sex Offender Registry is to educate the public and to prevent further victimization.

This website is provided for informational purposes concerning the Guam Sex Offender Registry. Information contained on this website regarding statutes is not a substitute for a thorough reading of the law, and any legal questions should be directed to an attorney.

The Judiciary of Guam has established this website pursuant to Guam Law relative to Establishing a Crimes Against Minors and a Sex Offender Registry, and to Providing a Means of Notice to the Community regarding certain convicted Sex Offenders.

Several convicted Sex Offenders who are required by law to register personal information and periodically update that information for inclusion on this website have failed to do so. The list below identifies the individuals who are not currently in compliance with their statutory reporting requirements.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these non-compliant convicted Sex Offenders below, please contact the Judiciary of Guam, Sex Offender Registry at (671) 475-3469 or 475-3460.

Offenders who failed to register.
Full Name Date of Birth Level Photo
APENIS, Apsai 3/10/1963 1 APENIS, Apsai
LUBWEG, Neal R. 9/24/1963 2 LUBWEG, Neal R.
JI, Nam Keun 10/21/1971 3 JI, Nam Keun
PINEDA, Billy Capati 3/23/1949 3 PINEDA, Billy Capati
Offenders who registered and failed to update.
Full Name Date of Birth Level Photo
AQUININGOC, Sean Anthony 12/4/1987 1 AQUININGOC, Sean Anthony
FEJERAN, Brandon Keith 9/12/1984 1 FEJERAN, Brandon Keith
GOGO, Rodney Dean 11/6/1974 1 GOGO, Rodney Dean
SAJO, Derrick Justin 9/29/1985 1 SAJO, Derrick Justin
SAN AGUSTIN, Jeffrey Paul 8/3/1974 1 SAN AGUSTIN, Jeffrey Paul
AGUSTIN, Joe Aguon aka 'Joe Bob' 12/16/1980 2 AGUSTIN, Joe Aguon aka 'Joe Bob'
GARCIA Jr., Benjamin Cabral 2/13/1950 2 GARCIA Jr., Benjamin Cabral
GYWAATHAG, Jesse J. 12/23/1950 2 GYWAATHAG, Jesse J.
NGIRAROIS, Danny Phillip 3/30/1979 2 NGIRAROIS, Danny Phillip
AVERY II, Roy Maxwell 2/5/1964 3 AVERY II, Roy Maxwell
MWARELUK, Kesefat aka 'King' 9/9/1985 3 MWARELUK, Kesefat aka 'King'
RAINS, Timothy Joseph Chargualaf 1/14/1988 3 RAINS, Timothy Joseph Chargualaf
SAMMY, Joseph Iosef 12/25/1961 3 SAMMY, Joseph Iosef