B.O.L.E. - Examination Subjects and Information



Justice Monessa G. Lujan Appellate Courtroom
Supreme Court of Guam
3rd Floor, Guam Judicial Center
120 West O'Brien Drive
Hagåtña, GU 96910-5174

No drinking or eating is allowed in the examination room


Local Question

Pursuant to Rule 3.06(a) (3) of the Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law, beginning with the July 2002 Bar Exam, in addition to the MEE, MBE, and MPT, the Board will be administering one question on local law.

The local question may be in an essay, multiple-choice, or true/false format. You will be provided with a list of local authorities in order to prepare for the local question. The authorities will be provided to you for preparation purposes only. You will not be permitted to consult with these authorities during the examination.

Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)

Applicants will be given a six-hour test (broken up into two sessions), which includes two-hundred (200) question multiple-choice examination covering the subject areas of:

  • civil procedure,
  • constitutional law,
  • contracts,
  • criminal law and procedure,
  • evidence,
  • real property,
  • torts.

Multistate Essay Examination (MEE)

The MEE is a six (6) question, three (3) hour examination covering Business Associations (Agency and Partnership; Corporations and Limited Liability Companies), Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Family Law, Federal Civil Procedure, Real Property, Torts, Trusts and Estates (Decedents’ Estates; Trusts and Future Interests), and Uniform Commercial Code (Negotiable Instruments; Secured Transactions). Some questions may include issues in more than one area of law.

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) (1 question)

The MPT is a test which simulates the performance requirements of a practical "real-world" legal problem. The MPT question is a ninety (90) minute skills questions covering legal analysis, fact analysis, problem solving, resolution of ethical dilemmas, organization and management of a lawyering task, and communication.

For further information regarding the MBE, MEE or the MPT, please visit the National Conference of Bar Examiners

Examination Materials

All materials will be furnished by the Guam Board of Law Examiners. Unless otherwise directed, books, notes or other material will not be permitted in the examination room. Any violation of this requirement will be reported to the Board of Law Examiners and the Educational Testing Service.

Essay/MPT, MBE and MPRE requirements and passing scores

The Guam Bar Examination is divided into three (3) parts: the Essay/Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions; the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE); and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). The scores which applicants need to achieve in order to pass the ESSAY/MPT, MBE and MPRE examinations are as follows:

  • The Essay/MPT and MBE examinations are mandatory for all applicants, except for those eligible for the attorney’s exam. See Guam Rules of Admission, Rule 4.01. Applicants are required to achieve a total combined score of 132.50 on the Essay/MPT and MBE examinations. The results of the MBE examination taken in any other jurisdiction are NOT transferable to Guam. For combined score calculation, please refer to the Guam Rules of Admission, Rule 3.06(e) and 3.07.

Guam Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law

  • The MPRE examination is mandatory for all applicants, but is administered separately from the two-day Guam Bar Examination. The passing scores for the MPRE is a scaled score of 80 (effective immediately, pursuant to Promulgation Order No. 01-006, filed November 1, 2001). The Essay/MPT and MBE examinations must be taken and passed in one attempt. Bifurcation of these exams is not allowed. The MPRE, however, may be taken prior to or subsequent to the two-day Guam Bar Examination. Examination results from other jurisdiction are only accepted if such test was taken within two (2) years from the date in which the applicant takes and passes the Guam Bar Examination. Upon passing the Guam Bar Examination, an applicant must successfully sit for the MPRE examination within one year of the test dates during which he/she passed the Guam Bar Examination; otherwise, the applicant must re-take and pass the Guam Bar Examination in order to be considered a qualified candidate for admission to practice law on Guam.