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Updated through P.L. 34‐110 (June 5, 2018). Also includes updates from P.L. 34‐113 (repeal of imposition of a general sales tax in Guam) and P.L. 34‐116  (re Real Property Tax Increase and Tobacco Tax Increase). 

The most recent updates to the Guam Code Annotated reflect substantial modifications to the notes, including source notes, comments, and other annotations. Throughout, there have been modifications to section numbers and subsection designations, pursuant to the authority granted by 1 GCA § 1606. These modifications are the results of a more rigorous review process of the entire GCA.

Organic Act of Guam
Title 1: General Provisions

Title 2: Legislative Branch

Title 3: Elections
Title 4: Public Officers & Employees
Title 5: Government Operations
Title 6: Guam Rules of Evidence
Title 7: Civil Procedure and Judiciary
Title 8: Criminal Procedures
Title 9: Crimes & Corrections
Title 10: Health & Safety
Title 11: Finance & Taxation
Title 12: Autonomous Agencies
Title 13: Uniform Commercial Code
Title 14: Uniform Consumer Credit Code
Title 15: Estates & Probate
Title 16: Vehicles
Title 17: Education
Title 18: Business Structure & Function
Title 19: Personal Relations
Title 20: Remedies
Title 21: Real Property
Title 22: Business Regulation